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We know that fitness is the separation between winning and losing. The Academy’s focus points only in the direction of fitness growth and success. An integral part of our quality stems from our passion for the process. We understand the grind. We’ve been in it. Our a passion fuels our progress. We will build a winning community.



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Step 1: Contact our coaches! Reach out through the connect tab, coach@sherriffacademy.com, or through social media to get in contact with a personalized coach devoted to your success.  

Step 2: Choose your path! We will assess your starting point and together determine your winning path. We guarantee our program will take you to the top of your game. 

Step 3: Assess, Plan, Prescribe, Re-assess, WIN! Choose GREATNESS. We provide the tools. You do the work. Give us your all and we will give you ours. We won't stop until you reach your potential. 

Step 4: Head down, eyes forward! We will focus relentlessly on your goals and act decisively towards achieving them. By joining our team your become a part of the winning community!



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If you are interested in really improving in specific areas, or your overall fitness level, try Jesse’s individualized programming.  His knowledge is endless and he really pays attention to you, your current ability, and what you are capable of doing. His programming is smart, the progressions are achievable and he sets you up for success.

Sara-Jane Classen

If you are feeling stuck, bored, unmotivated, need extra help with those weaknesses or looking to be the best athletically then don’t wait any longer to get help from The Academy's master coach. It has been hands down the best investment I have made in myself.

Rachelle Vanderheyen Jug

The Academy is the brains behind it all. They always keep my programming on point. Trust the process. Build your excellence.

Lacey Truelove


Individualized programming keeps me;  educated and alert on certain exercises my body needs, motivated and excited to conquer the challenges I get from my trainer and lastly, honest and fair with how I manage my weights. No cheating yourself with this program!

Brett Welychka