Long Game

Another month is coming to an end. With that, we will inevitably have challenges to overcome and successes to be realized.

We challenge you all to keep the “Long Game Approach”.

This prescription can be upgraded for years based on function.

At The Academy, we are focused on maintaining a professional and consistent structure. Balancing challenge and support for our athletes to ensure they succeed in all areas of life, including athletics.

We want real results for real people over time. Systems that are proven true and successful month after month, year after year, as we constantly upgrade our prescription and what we stand for. Our winning community grows with this.

Going from A to Z directly results in many missed steps that are crucial for long-term success. This is not possible in anything else in life either. In order to get from A to Z we need to create a path. The path to success varies in length, difficulty, and destination. The choices we make determine where we end up and how long it takes us to get there. It is very exhilarating to realize that you do have a choice in what path you decide to take. You are in control!
It is important that the focus stays on the process and finding happiness within that. With happiness comes success, not the other way around. Think about that.

During our initial assessment period, and into our Remote Coaching experience, we continually pass along information that creates clarity around fitness and our methodology at Sherriff’s Performance Academy. It is important to us that our athletes understand exactly who we are as a company in order to ensure this is the best possible relationship throughout the process to realizing your full potential.

Let’s create a distinction between HEALTH and PERFORMANCE as a focus in training!


HEALTH = movement, sleep quality, good energy, libido, good recovery, optimization of hormone levels and nervous system function

PERFORMANCE = about points and may lose out on some health markers with sleep, energy, processed foods, supplements, energy rhythm to push beyond limits and win. 


Understand that we can switch back and forth between the two, as life and focus change and flow in different directions. It’s all about LONGEVITY.

So from that, one challenge for you, the reader, can be this:


What is your PURPOSE in training?


We are a winning community that values movement through fitness. The process is infinite. Our greatest hope is to be part of your story, your journey, and your success.