Coach or Cheerleader?

Touchy subject… Let’s just dive in!

So, you are an athlete. As a human being, you qualify for this title.

For a good story, let’s imagine you are a college football player walking onto the field on opening tryout day (just picture any of the football movies you’ve seen).

There will be many “noticings” the first time you walk on the field. The grass, the team… the cheerleaders! Since they are very colourful, loud, and nice to look at, they get a lot of attention. It is very easy to notice them.

However, do cheerleaders have any direct impact on whether or not the team will win the championship at the end of the season?

NO. Not at all. Zero.

While the cheerleader is in it for motivation and recognition, the person responsible for the plan, prescription, and guidance to the championship is the COACH.

In our industry the time is coming where there must be standards set on who is a COACH and who is a cheerleader (hobbist, part time instructor, volunteer).

There has been a massive polarization in the industry. It is a matter of understanding what you deserve as a client. Then make the move.

At The Academy, we are CAREER COACHES.  

We wake up and do this everyday. All day. We do it because we are passionate about our brand. We do it because we love process. We do it because we love the journey and exploration of the connection between the mind, body and spirit while discovering physical potential. We do it because it is our promise to you as our athletes to provide an environment of infinite growth and success.

We are professional, experienced, accredited, educated, consistent, honest… Real.

Our love for fitness, our community, and our vision is constantly driving our approach to coaching.

The long-term success of our community will come from the vision we all share, not our clapping.

Yours in fitness,

Coach Jesse