T      R      A      I      N             S      M      A      R      T


who we are 

our mission

Fitness is an infinite process of creation, implementation, and assessment. We provide a fitness program that reflects client goals, assessment results, and structural balance. The meticulous planning of the program is our art. It is our way to communicate what we value to those who need it. We can all be athletes, it doesn’t matter what end of that spectrum you are on - we will provide the scaffolding to assist you in climbing to the next level. 

An integral part of our success stems from our passion for the process. We understand the grind. We’ve been in it. We’ve been through it. We will remain constructively discontent and push to be sure we remain current and responsive to the constantly changing fitness industry; all while staying true to our values as a company. Our high standards of intelligent, consistent, and professional program design are the foundation of the company. 

We strive to build a community of infinite potential.


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our founder 

Jesse Sherriff

I started Sherriff's Performance Academy to fulfill the unbridled drive for fitness that I have developed after years of competing in and coaching sports like hockey martial arts and CrossFit. I took an interest in CrossFit because of its team/ community atmosphere and intense discipline, both of which I had grown to love and crave. The priority for me with The Academy is to ensure that everyone has the tools to be successful in a health and wellness program, whatever that might mean to each individual. It is my purpose to assess, plan and implement programs that direct achievement through fitness and in doing so encourage success in all areas of life. 



Fitness /fit-nes/

"An evolving journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind and body WHILE attempting to discover physical potential WHILE leading to discovering purpose and producing longevity of oneself." 





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